Ceramics sculpture for Andalusian Trade Awards

For the First Annual of Andalusian Trade Awards, the Regional Government of Andalusia wanted to count on several Andalusian craftmen for the design and manufacturing of different craft pieces which were used as trophies for the different prizes.

We were lucky for being chosen as one of the Andalusian artisan studios to perform one of these pieces, in concrete we had to design an exclusive piece as a trophy for the Award to a Town Council for its promotion of trade.

Ceramics Sculpture for trophy exclusive design by creative ceramist Torres Ferreras La Rambla Cordoba Spain
This is the sculpture we made for the Town Council Award in Andalusian Trade Awards 2014.

Well, our design consisted of an artistic and sculptural piece, formed by two main parts. First, the piece at the base is a map of Adalusia, with textures made by points in different sizes which are a symbol of the different town councils of our region, connected by a net of lines.

Contemporary ceramics sculpture Andalusian Trade Awards by master artisan Torres Ferreras Spain
Texture symbolising Andalusian Town Councils.

Second, there is a globe resting on the map of Andalusia, and the map of Europe is carved on this Earth globe. Sobre Andalucía se posa el globo terráqueo, sobre el que aparece el mapa de Europa hueco. The map pf Andalusia is projected from the base and goes out the space of Europe in a sculptural metephore which represents how Andalusia presents to itself and the rest of the world through its trade and regional products and produce.

Ceramics art by artists Luis Torres and Miguel Angel Torres Ferreras creative ceramists from La Rambla Spain
Iron which goes from the base of the sculpture to the top through the globe.
Trophy for Andalusian Trade Awards handmade and design by Torres Ferreras Ceramics La Rambla Cordoba Spain
Map of Andalusia which goes out the carved space which represents Europe.

Finally, this is just a proof of the wide variety of possibilities that ceramics have when it goes together with design and creativity.

Have you got any idea you think we can make it in ceramics? Just let us know! 😉