BeibiPUNK, the revolution of children’s flatware!

Here we are! We are BeibiPUNK!

An original handmade illustrated ceramics flatware for children.

BeibiPUNK illustrated flatware for children handmade by Luis Torres Ceramics

Who are we?

We are??BeibiPUNK??, all of us are crazy, funny, surprising, amusing, smart, lazy, curiuous but, most of all, we are different!! Boys and girls, girls and boys, boys who look like girls, girls who look like boys, and we like to do what we want and not what ads tell us to do.

BeibiPUNK logo illustration on ceramics by artist Luis Torres Ferreras

What are we asking?

We are tired of food tasting like tyres… We want to eat on proper quality ceramics plates! We also have the right to enjoy our flatware as grown-ups do…

Original Genuine funny children ceramics flatware illustration handmade by Torres Ferreras and Luis Torres La Rambla Cordoba

We are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. We consist of two pieces: a 15cm irregular deep bowl, illustrated in blue on white color; and a 21cm plate in color to choose among blue, pink, yellow or mint.

This flatware is designed and handpainted exclusively by Luis Torres, with a traditional technique over white glaze but with a completely original concept. You can check below how these genuine illustrations are made and you’ll see it is such fun!

Besides, they are CUSTOMIZABLE! Well, a little bit, because the illustrator is a kind of BeibiPUNK as well and he does whatever he likes at the end. In fact, this is why these plates are UNIQUE.

How can you customize it?

  • You can visit us in our studio in C/La Maceta 3A in the industrial area Los Alfares in La Rambla, Cordoba.
  • You can also send us an email through our contact section on our main page and tell us the name and personality of your BeibiPUNK and we’ll do the rest.
  • You can visit our  online shop, choose the BeibiPUNK you like the most and click on the option “Personalización del producto”.You should write the name of your BeibiPUNK there, as well as tell us their likes, personality or any other curiousity which might help the illustrator.

What are you waiting for having your BeibiPUNK done?