Bowtery. Ceramic bow ties handmade in Spain

Bowtery, the only 100% handmade ceramic bow ties are ‘Made in Spain’, in La Rambla, a small village in the centre of Andalusia. They are stylish, elegant, original, exclusive and are made in a limited edition. Pieces of art, fashion and a great quality. And what’s more, you can shop online. Do you want to know more? Here you have all the details.

Bowtery. Pajaritas hechas a mano en cerámica. Handmade ceramic bow tie. Made in La Rambla, Spain

Luis Torres Ceramics, who works in our pottery studio in La Rambla, Cordoba, is the artisan behind these remarkable bow ties. Being an enthusiastic about design and fashion, this idea came to his mind while looking for original accesories to match his suits in the many friend’s weddings he is invited to. He wanted to design his own bow ties, and as a ceramist he is, ceramic bow ties wast the best option.

You can see how he tells us about it in the following video:

Luis Torres Ceramics, second generation of potters in his family, follows his father, the master artisan Miguel Ángel Torres Ferreras, in his pottery profession and adds up a touch of innovation with his ceramic bow ties. Besides, as his father does, he uses resistant stoneware in his original bow ties, making them of a great quality and  a high-end typical of the high-fired ceramics.  Therefore, apart from being a fine object of craftwork, it is a convenient fashion accesory which is not easily broken or cracked. The weight is also surprising, as they do not weigh more than 30-40gr. Becasue of this, and the fact that they are sewed by hand to a clothing band, they are comfortable and easy to wear.

Bowtery.Pajaritas de cerámica hechas y cosidas a mano en La Rambla. Handmade ceramic bow ties in Spain

There are more than 12 different designs, all of them inspired by La Rambla, the nature in the countryside around it and the work of potters and painters in this small village, whose work has located La Rambla in the World map of ceramics. The decoration and design of every one of them is a tribute to the craftwork from La Rambla and Cordoba, the landscapes of the southern countryside of Spain, the main ingredients in Andalusian dishes, the Andalusian patios and streets, even the Andalusian accent.

Inspiración Bowtery Mayo Patio Cordobés.
Bowtery Mayo. Inspirada en el Patio Cordobés.

Besides, they are limited series of 100 pieces per design, which makes every Bowtery an authentic collector’s item. A unique piece which gathers craftmanship, fashion, utility and collecting. Every Bowtery is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity with the series number.

However, one of the most interesting parts of this project is the fact that these stoneware bow ties can be custom-made. Grooms who want to wear something special and unique, artists who wish to wear a special accessory in their events, original presents, or simply love of art are the main causes why Luis Torres is asked to take pencil and watercolours and design unique and custom-made bow ties.

Bowtery. Packaging. Pajaritas de cerámica. Handmade bow ties. Certificate of Authenticity. Certificado de autenticidad

And why ‘Bowtery’? It is a pun with  “pottery” and “bow tie“. The brand itself intends to make it clear that these bow ties are synonym of craftwork and pottery, whose moulds and 3D printers are the hands of the potter who creates them.

Logotipo Bowtery Handmade Ceramic Bow tie Made in Spain. Pajaritas de cerámica hechas a mano. Moda española. Diseño

In addition to this, the main goal of these exclusive bow ties is to be perfect fashion accessories not only for men but for women too, as you can see on their Facebook and Instagram profiles. Fashion pieces with values: Made in Spain, fair trade, environmentally friendly, and products which generate a nice feeling in the person who wears it.

Bowtery. Pajaritas de cerámica hechas a mano. Handmade ceramic bow ties. Modelo. Men's wear. Stylish. Elegant
Bowtery. Pajaritas de cerámica hechas a mano. Handmade ceramic bow ties. Modelo. Women's complements. Fashion. Stylish. Elegant

Finally, you can shop them online and they ship worldwide. The shipping to Spanish Peninsula and Balearic Islands is free. Ceramic bow ties from La Rambla to the whole world.

Bowtery. Pajaritas de cerámica hechas a mano. Handmade ceramic bow ties. Made in Spain. Originales y exclusivas. Modelo. Stylish
Bowtery. Pajaritas de cerámica hechas a mano. Handmade ceramic bow ties. Elgantes, originales y exclusivas. Exclusive and stylish. Men's wear. Moda mascuilina. Made in Spain.