Bowtery. Ceramic bow ties handmade in Spain

Bowtery, the only 100% handmade ceramic bow ties are ‘Made in Spain’, in La Rambla, a small village in the centre of Andalusia. They are stylish, elegant, original, exclusive and are made in a limited edition. Pieces of art, fashion and a great quality. And what’s more, you can shop online. Do you want to … Leer más

BeibiPUNK, the revolution of children’s flatware!

Here we are! We are BeibiPUNK! An original handmade illustrated ceramics flatware for children. Who are we? We are??BeibiPUNK??, all of us are crazy, funny, surprising, amusing, smart, lazy, curiuous but, most of all, we are different!! Boys and girls, girls and boys, boys who look like girls, girls who look like boys, and we … Leer más

Crisalida Flowerpots

Exclusive design flowerpots to pay tribute to the Patios Festival in Cordoba, Spain. CoCeR-Ceramics Association from La Rambla, together with the online shop Cerámica Rambleña, have launched an art project in which a number of potters, ceramists and painters from La Rambla (Cordoba) have designed and made by hand different unique hanging flowerpots to honour … Leer más