Pairi Daeza, a resturant among trees and Torres Ferreras

Pairi Daeza is the name of the restaurant inside the charming Hotel Balcón de Córdoba, located in the amazing quarter of “Juderia” in Cordoba, Spain, with an amazing view to the beautiful old quarter of the Caliphal city. The name comes from an Iranian phrase which means “garden or grove inside the walls”. It is in the middle of this particular grove, which you can enjoy in the hotel’s patios, where we can find delightful dishes served on our ceramics flatware, exclusively designed to express that relaxing, organic, fresh and vegetal personality.

Pairi Daeza Restaurant in Cordoba Spain with ceramics flatware by master artisan Torres Ferreras La Rambla
Restaurant inside Balcón de Córdoba

Hotel Balcón de Córdoba opens 10 rooms (5 doubles, 1 deluxe, 1 junior suite, 2 suites, 1 royal suite) distributed in two floors around three courtyards, ensuring a relaxing, secluded, refreshing atmosphere, far from the numerous balconies and main upper terrace, our guests will enjoy splendid sights over the historical skyline of Córdoba and the surrounding sierras as well. One of the most distinctive features of Balcón de Córdoba lies in the collection formed by over a hundred archaeological items placed throughout the hotel for our guests’ delight.

Sheltered by the walls of the house, overlooking the main courtyard garden, offers a space of pleasure and tranquility in which your senses can be recreated and encourage conversation while savoring the delights of their cuisine proposals & wine cellar. Restaurant Pairi Daeza offers authentic cuisine reflecting the culinary history of Cordoba, melting itself between the Andalusian & Mediterranean cultures. And it bets on Torres Ferreras ceramics, also made in Cordoba, to boost this homemade spirit.

Among the best dishes in its menu, we can find genuine tapas and traditional and innovative dishes with fresh season local products.

Salmorejo design ceramics plate by Torres Ferreras pottery studio in La Rambla for restaurant Pairi Daeza Hotel Balcon de Cordoba Spain

The team of Hotel Balcón de Córdoba visited us in our pottery studio in La Rambla, Cordoba,to meet us in person and see our pieces live. According to them, it was us what they were looking for and they wanted to transmit us their philosophy and decorative ideas so that we could know how to design a suitable flatware for them. Therefore, we chose light shapes, fine, smart and cool color finishing with a touch of joy and motivation.  para conocernos personalmente y ver nuestras piezas en primera persona. Water, leaves and fresh air are the elements of Patios of Cordoba, which inspired us to design and make and glaze these mint and blue colour plates.

Handmade design ceramics plate tray for restaurant Hotel Balcon de Cordoba by Torres Ferreras pottery studio

Of course, as usual, our customer restaurants come to us looking for, appart from customizable design, the quality that our oven and dishwasher safe stoneware provides. Besides, although all our pieces are handmade and different one from each other, we take much into account the ergonomics and storing capacity of our plates and bowls, as it is fundamental for restaurants that plates are easily stacked and take as little space as possible in chefs’ kitchen.

Design handmade in potter's wheel plate by Torres Ferreras Ceramics for restaurant Pairi Daeza Cordoba Spain

Seriously, in case you have the chance, please go and visit this magnificent restaurant because it is a pleasure for our five senses, in a perfect example of ancestral cordoban character.

POWER! Bowl for ReComiendo Restaurant

This is a POWER bowl for ReComiendo Power, the Cordoban restaurant by the recognized Spanish chef Periko Ortega and his “perikadas” (his particular dishes). It is an exclusive design to serve his exquisite “mazamorra” (traditional Spanish dish). The aim of this bowl is to transmit the ground-breaking spirit of this restaurant, but with the nostalgy that this cozy place make customers feel. exclusive handmade design bowl for ReComiendo Restaurant by Torres Ferreras Ceramics La Rambla Cordoba

We met Periko while we were having dinner at his restaurant. We loved the appearance of all his dishes and, as usual, we told him that we make ceramics and we would be more than pleased to make a plate for any of his great dishes. And since then, we have worked together every time Periko has an idea to tell us for us to make it real through ceramics.

Restaurant ReComiendo Cordoba by chef Periko Ortega

This bowl is the first idea we made for Periko. He was looking for a small functional bowl, of 10 cm diameter approx, and of course having the quality and durability a restaurant should have in plates (oven, microwave and dishwasher safe). Shape, colour and any other detail was up to us… and we love that!

Sketch of ceramics design by Torres Ferreras pottery studio

Drawing and painting for design bowl by Torres Ferreras for ReComiendo Power Restaurant

We thought of a smart, fine, thin and conic bowl with Asian inspiration and a wavy shape. However, in order to make it seem more natural and light, we gave it an organic and irregular touch in the edge. About the color, after trying several decorations and glazes, we decided to use a mint green with a blast of cobalt blue at the edge, as we were looking for an eye-catching final work, and this was the best way to get a real contrast between the bowl color and the food tonality which is going to be served in it.

And having all this, we started to work on Torres Ferreras’ potter’s wheel. The irregular touch and the carved logo was made afterwards with leather-hard clay.

Making design ceramics bowls in Torres Ferreras potter's wheel in La Rambla Cordoba

Both Periko and we liked the result, that is why we keep working together and Periko continues to tell us every idea which is around his head. And we must say that it is a honour for us.

Finally, we can only recommend you going to Recomiendo to check it by your own and order their “mazamorra” in the Power Bowl of  Torres Ferreras.

Mazamorra in Recomiendo restaurant by chef periko Ortega in Torres Ferreras Ceramics Bowls

Do you want to know what other works have we made for restaurants? Then, you should not miss our entry about the flowerpot we designed for a dessert in typical Spanish restaurant Taberna No. 10 in Cordoba, Spain.

No. 10 Flowerpot for dessert

Is there anything more typical from Cordoba than a flowerpot? This is what the restaurant Taberna Nº 10 might have thought when they designed their dessert in pot, and they counted on us to make it.

taberna no 10 restaurant in Cordoba Spain with ceramics from Torres Ferreras La Rambla

Maybe you were thinking of a real flowerpot to put or hang from your patio’s walls, and we can also make these as you can see with our exclusive Crisalida Flowerpot design.

But for this project, we designed a mini pot for a dessert, with the idea that it looked like the traditional red-clay flower pots that anyone can fin in every Patio from Córdoba. However, we had to use some glaze to make it waterproof and hygienic, as it was designed to be used as a plate for a dessert in a restaurant. Using a good glaze was the key to make a flower pot suitable for food.

taberna no 10 restaurant Cordoba Spain flowerpot handmade by Torres Ferreras Ceramics La Rambla Spain for dessert

Besides, the truth is that our stoneware material allows us to use high temperature glazes which avoid having pinholes at a 100% and make our pieces completely suitable for their use in restaurants. Furthermore, these glases are leadfree and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, which is fundamental in ceramics for restaurants as well.

The exclusiveness of this plat lies on the customization of the design by inscription of the restaurant’s logo on the glaze, made by hand with a small graver or “puntilla”, as it is known in the slang of the potters from La Rambla, Cordoba, Spain.

We advise everybody going to Cordoba to stop to have lunch in this “taberna” or restaurant, with a genuine Cordoban environment in which you can enjoy the Montilla-Moriles D.O. wine and, most of all, order the dessert in Torres Ferreras pot!

Flower Pot for dessert for restaurant Taberna No 10 in Cordoba Spain handmade by Torres Ferreras Ceramics La Rambla Spain Design
Photo: Taberna Nº 10
Ceramics flowerpot for exclusive design of dessert in restaurant Taberna No 10 Cordoba Spain by Torres Ferreras La Rambla
Photo: Taberna Nº10
Typical Spanish Taberna No 10 in Cordoba Spain with traditional ceramics from La Rambla by master artisan Torres Ferreras

We hope you like the place, the wine, the dessert and our pot as much as we do… Enjoy!