A ceramics sculpture as a trophy for Women’s Equality

In Torres Ferreras, we also join the women empowerment movement by designing a trophy for Women’s Equality actions, awards which are given by the association of cities called Campiña Sur Cordobesa (South Countryside villages in Cordoba). This is a fair cause we wanted to be part of from the very beginning. If we already like our job when designing exclusive pieces, we enjoy even more when the background of the work is empowering women.

Trofeo de cerámica por la igualdad de Campiña Sur hecho a mano La Rambla Cordoba Torres Ferreras

Ithas been long time since we make these trophies, exclusively designed by ourselves for Mancomunidad Campiña Sur, the group of villages that our city La Rambla belongs to. Designing and making ceramics sculptures for trophies is one of our specialties, as you can check in our exclusive piece for the 1st Andalusian Trade Awards.

Entrega Trofeos Igualdad Campiña Sur hechos en La Rambla Cordoba Torres Ferreras

Besides, we like to know about the causes which are behind every trophy, and get involved in them at the time of creating our pieces. That is why when we are told to design pieces related to gender equality and rights of women, we could not enjoy more creating ceramics shapes while we think about all the wonderful women which surround us and make Torres Ferreras possible in some way. We also think about all those women who form the world of ceramics, they are many and we do not dare to say if even more than men because we do not have official figures. In ceramics from La Rambla, in fact, the role of women, related usually to the job of decorating the pots, is FUNDAMENTAL, NECESSARY AND INDISPENSABLE.

For the design of these trophies, the customer asked us to introduce the symbol of women. For the rest, we got inspired not only by the power of women but also by the workload they have in family, society, labour, sex or even as victims of violence. That is why, from the base of the piece of the symbol of women, another wave-shaped piece raises as a powerful wave, infiniten boundless, which falls on the head of the woman piece as a cargo that she still has to bear.

Logo de Campiña Sur grabado en cerámica en trofeos de Igualdad hechos por Torres Ferreras La Rambla Córdoba

Símbolo de la mujer en escultura para los trofeos de la Igualdad de Campiña Sur hechos a manos por Torres Ferreras La Rambla Córdoba

Every piece is handmade, unique and with its own process. Its own making process is a metaphore of women, as the drying process of these pieces is difficult and has to resist some kind of strain that makes us not know if they are finally going to get broken or the different pieces are going to tear appart and the wave shape will raise by itself in an attempt to be freed.

Maestro artesano Miguel Ángel Torres Ferreras haciendo trofeos de cerámica en torno alfarero

All the pieces are made in stoneware, handmade by clay plates, treated in the potter’s wheel. Finally, they are glazed only in the base and the women symbol piece. The wave shape remains in bisque, bare, pure, representing the women’s power which only women should decide how to use or transform.

From Torres Ferreras, we join this fair cause of women’s equality in every possible aspect of human life and we really hope we do not have to make a trohpy like this anymore some day, or giving them only as a symbolic action for an achieved goal. Come on women, We Can Do It!