Cheese plate for Spanish Cheese “Marqués del Valle”

Spanish Cheese Marqués del Valle is one of the best types of cheese in the northern region of Andalusia called Los Pedroches, which crafty making process goes back to traditional recipes from that rural area. And as we are craftmen too, they wanted to count on us to make their exclusive customized ceramics cheese plate.

Handmade ceramics cheese plate by Torres Ferreras La Rambla Cordoba Spain

We have had the honour of working with the cheese-maker Marqués del Valle family in the making of an exclusive cheese plate to be sold on their online shop and their several events. Yes, we have had the honour, the luck, however you want to name it… Do you know that feeling when someone you admire comes to you to ask for your advice, work or help? Well, that is something similar to what we felt when these cheese-maker masters visited us in our pottery studio in La Rambla to tell us that they wanted us to design and make customized cheese plates with their logo. This is one of the most common orders we receive: engraving different logos, brands or phrases on our design ceramics, as we could do for the Power bowls we made for restaurant ReComiendo in Cordoba.

How did we do it? First of all, these cheese artisans sent us their logo, of course. And even their logo was beautiful! A bit complex to handmake, but beautiful at the end. Miguel Angel Torres Ferreras started designing and making the cheese plates, with the required measures, on the potter’s wheel.

The main idea was that it had a traditional shape, but the material was a high-quality one, hard and resistant. That is why our high temperature stoneware was perfect both for keeping the cheese’ properties and for the maintaining the cheese plate in good conditions for a long time.

Making crafty handmade pots customized with logo Marques Del Valle Cheese Los Pedroches by Master Artisan Torres Ferreras

Once the cheese plates were handmade on the potter’s wheel and with a proper hardness, Luis Torres  drew the logo on every one of the cheese plates’ covers by hand and he incised every logo one by one with a punch. That is why there ir not one cheese plate the same as another, all of them are unique and genuine, as every Torres Ferreras piece is.

Design traditional cheese plate by Torres Ferreras Ceramics from La Rambla Cordoba Spain

Finally, the glazes we decided to apply on these beautiful pots were two different ones, with two different concepts: one of them traditional and the other one more neutral and contemporary, so that these cheese plates were suitable for several environments and interior designs, from the minimalist decorations to the most rustic ones. In this way, we glazed this Marqués del Valle pots in our Mediterraneo and White collections.

As we see it, the result is more than satisfactory and the only thing we have left is asking you to go on Marques del Valle website and check not only their delightful types of cheese, but also our useful cheese plates 😉