Crisalida Flowerpots

Exclusive design flowerpots to pay tribute to the Patios Festival in Cordoba, Spain.

CoCeR-Ceramics Association from La Rambla, together with the online shop Cerámica Rambleña, have launched an art project in which a number of potters, ceramists and painters from La Rambla (Cordoba) have designed and made by hand different unique hanging flowerpots to honour the well-known Patios Festival in Cordoba, recently declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

The proposals of ceramist Luis Torres are two designs inspired in the chrysalis (“crisálida” in Spanish language) with two different decorative treatments.

Design Flowerpot Crisalida handmade by Luis Torres Ceramics artist from La Rambla Cordoba Spain
Pointed Crisalida Pot

The Crisalida Pot is made by Miguel Angel Torres Ferreras on the potter’s wheel. After making it on the wheel, Luis Torres models it till it has a chrysalis shape and it is left to dry untill it becomes leather hard. In this state, the clay is still wet but not elastic, although it is the perfect hardness to add textures. You can see how it is made in the following picture:

Handmade design ceramics flowerpots in Torres Ferreras pottery studio in La Rambla Cordoba Spain

Once it gets the perfect hardness as said before, ceramist Luis Torres adds the different textures. Ont he one hand, the pointed Crisalida Pot is made by adding clay points which are made by hand. On the other hand, the facets Crisalida Pot is made by cutting the surface with a sharp knight.

Ceramics artist Luis Torres in his pottery studio Torres Ferreras in La Rambla Spain making Crisalida design flowepots

Creative ceramist Luis Torres Ceramics Spain and his handmade design flowerpot Crisalida

Do you want to know how the clay points are made? Check this video and you’ll see it is such an easy task 😉


Finally, these pots are perfect both for traditional and contemporary patios, even for inner patios or outer gardens and interior designs; as their shape is suitable for modern and classical environment and decorations. In case you like them, you can shop online HERE. But the best part of it is that, by shopping these, you can help raise money for a good cause, as part of its price goes to the Association of Disabled People Ntra. Sra. de la Esperanza from La Rambla, Cordoba, Spain.

Face Crisalida Flowerpot design and handmade by Luis Torres Ceramics La Rambla Spain for Ceramica Ramblena Patios Cordoba

Exclusive design flowerpot handmade by Luis Torres Ceramics for Ceramica Ramblena and Patios Cordoba La Rambla Spain