Design ceramics flatware made in Spain

One of our specialties is designing and making custom-made flatware. We usualy customize them by hand, according to the taste and request of our customer but following our own designs and decorative lines, or similar. We are usually open to any suggestion or idea, and listening to what our customers want is what we like the most.

Exclusive design ceramics flatware handmade by Spanish master artisan potter Torres Ferreras from La Rambla Cordoba Spain
Pasta bowl and meat plate in Cielo and Menta collection.

The newest trend among our customers is to mix the different collections and colors we have in our catalogue, but even in this way we always bet on smart and minimalist lines that combine the traditional and handcrafted ceramics with the latest trends in interior and tableware design.

Handmade flatware and tableware in oven and dishwasher safe stoneware by ceramist Torres Ferreras from La Rambla Cordoba Spain
Flatware with combined colors in Vulcano and Cielo collections
Sushi ceramics plates handmade with design of Spanish potter Torres Ferreras from La Rambla Cordoba Spain for restaurant and chefs
Flatware for Sushi in White and Grey Collection. Picture: Kate&Plate, Belgium.

The main advantage of our pieces of flatware is their resistence to oven, microwave and dishwasher, which makes them perfect for a daily use at home. Their design and personality give them a real character of luxury, artistic and even decorative crafts on your table.

Putting all these facts together has brought us contact with many well-known and prestigious chefs and restaurants all over Spain who are looking for exclusive plates for their main dishes and have special needs that we can meet with no problem, as we always work by hand.

If you like our design plates, you can easily buy them on our online shop, but only for Spain territory.

Soup bowl handmade in ceramics stoneware by ceramist and potter Miguel Angel Torres Ferreras from La Rambla Cordoba Spain traditional and modern interior design
Torres Ferreras Soup bowl. Photo: Kate&Plate, Belgium.

It is not only flatware that we design and produce on orders, but we can also make custom-made projects and works in other fields of creative ceramics as trophies, sculptures, tableware, etc. as you can see in our recent project for a trophy in the Andalusian Trade Awards.