My Spanish grandma’s tableware

Our “new” collection is in fact the oldest one. The revival of the most nostalgic ceramics with the latest “in” design; that is what our new collection of tableware “Grandma’s” consists of. Do you want to know it? Keep reading 😉

Traditional Spanish grandmother's tableware with modern design by master artisan Torres Ferreras Ceramics from La Rambla Cordoba Spain

Several of our pieces, designs and glazes are found out by chance, ceramists will know what we are talking about. And this is how we came up with recovering our grandma’s traditional Spanish mortars’ decoration for our new pieces in 2017/18.  Many of the people who visited our studio used to ask us about “those yellow pieces with a green spot that our grandmothers used to have“. But we did not use to have that type of decoration, and the truth is that it was becoming more and more difficult to find in most of pottery studios of La Rambla and Spain in general.

Vintage made in Spain design tableware by Torres Ferreras Ceramics La Rambla

Eventually, not much time ago, one of our customers ordered us a fully yellow line of pieces, and we got to work on making a bright and fair yellow glaze for our high temperature stoneware. Then, once we got it, we realized we only had to paint a copper green spot on it and our grandma’s pots decoration would be ready! Furthermore, in these pieces, the customer would get, besides the vintage deco and the modern designs, the quality improvement that our stoneware tableware can provide, avoiding cracks and tears that traditional ceramics suffer in usual blows while using pots in the kitchen.

Typical Spanish ceramics Oil drizzler by potter Torres Ferreras La Rambla Cordoba
Aceitera o vinagrera “De la abuela” de Cerámica Torres Ferreras

We quickly tried this new glaze on flatware and tableware pieces we had already made but not glazed (that is called bisque cercamics) in our studio, for example oil drizzlers, jugs, plates, bowls, etc. People who saw them in our ceramics shop in La Rambla loved them, they told us that many lovely memories came to their minds after seeing and touching them, so we decided we had to have this collection in our catalogue and maintain this type of pots decoration which is a symbol of a generation or a part of the childhood of many Spanish people.

In Torres Ferreras Ceramics, we believe in the mix of traditional pottery with contemporary ceramics. The fusion of the lifelong techniques with the most current designs. That is why this is already one of our fetish collections among all those ones we hace in our catalogue or we customize for our customers (as shown in our entry Design Ceramics Flatware). We go crazy about retro and vintage decoration, and would not be this type of pots one of the most typical Spanish retro flatware?

Traditional design handmade ceramics mortar by Torres Ferreras La Rambla Cordoba Spain
Torres Ferreras’ revival of the typical mortar of our grandma.

We hope you like it as much as we do! And in case you do, you just have to ask us for any of our pieces in this collection or shop them online (only for Spain territory).