Pope Francis’ Holy Chalice by Torres Ferreras

Did you know that Pope Francis I had a ceramics holy chalice handmade in La Rambla, Cordoba, Spain? Now you know, and yes, we were the lucky ones who could make such an original order.

Master artisan Miguel Angel Torres Ferreras with his handmade ceramics holy chalice for Pope Francis I

It was the summer of 2013, and the usual parish priest of our little “potters’ village”, La Rambla, was on holidays. Then, a substitute priest, called Father Christian, used to come directly from the Vatican in Rome, where he would go back every time he finished his temporary job in our town.

It was during a visit to the Ceramics Fair of La Rambla, Spain, now called ENBARRO, that Father Christian tought of giving Pope Francis I a handmade ceramics present from La Rambla. And this was just at the time he was standing and staring opposite our stand in that fair, talking to his companion, Rafael Luque, and our master artisan Miguel Angel Torres Ferreras. However, he did not have it clear what to take for the Pope. They soon came up with the idea of making an exclusive ceramics holy chalice, though. And this is how we got to work, or we could say, we got to our potter’s wheel.

Master artisan Miguel Angel Torres Ferreras working on his potter's wheel in his ceramics studio in La Rambla Cordoba Spain

Engraving on ceramics by hand by Luis Torres ceramics in pottery studio Torres Ferreras from La Rambla Cordoba Spain

The result was a beautiful holy chalice with a small plate, on which we decided to carve the name of La Rambla out, by request of Father Christian too, we must say. Besides, with the purpose of letting the Pope know about our small village in Cordoba, Spain, we wrote and print a small leaflet about how his holy ceramics chalice was made, about Torres Ferreras and about the rich and long pottery tradition of La Rambla. Do you want to know what did we write on it? Well, you can have a look in the picture below, but you will need to know a bit of Spanish as Pope Francis I does:

tourist leaflet of La Rambla Cordoba Spain The Potters' Village by Torres Ferreras ceramics studio

In the following summer, Father Christian came back to visit La Rambla and confirmed us that he gave Pope Francis his new ceramics holy chalice and, what’s more, he sent us a his appreciation by the following document:

Ceramics design holy chalice present for Pope Francis I by master artisan Torres Ferreras La Rambla Cordoba Spain

But in fact, it is us who want to thank Father Christian and Rafael Luque (from La Rambla) for trusting us in such an distinguished order! And, for all those who are reading us: you already know we dare to do anything you need so, in case you have any idea to tell us, do not even think about it twice and let us know!

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