Our story

Torres Ferreras is a family-run workshop of artisanal and creative ceramics in the pottery city of La Rambla, Córdoba. South of Spain.

We are specialized in tableware made on a potter’s wheel and then hand-painted. We have introduced high-quality, high-hardness stoneware, which makes our designer tableware last a lifetime, to the local pottery industry . This is why our ceramics are perfect for restaurant tableware and utilitarian tableware.

Miguel Ángel Torres Ferreras, our founder, has been devoting himself to pottery in La Rambla for more than 40 years. His first contact with clay was in 1971, at the age of 11. Although he had to emigrate with his family to Catalonia, in northern Spain, he returned to La Rambla every summer to continue his learning on the potter’s wheel – his passion. Upon his return to La Rambla in 1985, he dedicated himself exclusively to learning the job and soon began working on the potter’s wheel in different workshops around the village.

In 1990 he decided to start Torres Ferreras S.L. along with three partners; and nine years later, Miguel Ángel began his solo career under the same brand in a new workshop, where we have been working to this day. Our workshop is now a place where tradition, originality and innovation come together.

Old photographs of La Rambla donated by Pepe Espejo.

In 2014, the Andalusian Government granted Miguel Ángel the official title of ‘Master Artisan’ in the art of pottery. In 2020, he was awarded with the Andalusian Craftsmanship Award, which is a distinction given to artisans who achieve extraordinary merits in their professional career, as well as maintenance of the trade or promotion of their craft activity.

Miguel Ángel has been able to transfer this passion to the next generation and now his children are taking over the brand and adapting it to new times. Ángel Torres, his youngest son, represents the generational shift in the workshop, bringing the Torres Ferreras work philosophy closer to the younger public – true craftsmanship, tradition, sustainability and quality. Luis Torres, his middle son, was trained in Artistic Ceramics at the Dionisio Ortiz Art School in Cordoba, after graduating in Translation and Interpretating studies, as well as training in commerce and marketing. He is currently a teacher of ceramic techniques at the Art and Design School of Jerez. He also collaborates with the family workshop bringing in his creativity, design ideas and communication with clients.

Together we work to show that contemporary craftsmanship is a lifestyle and a necessary form of production that has both a present and a future.

Old photographs of La Rambla donated by Pepe Espejo.