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La Rambla, Pottery City

a Rambla, our town, was declared a Zone of Artisanal Interest by the Andalusian Government. It is known as the ‘Pottery City’ and has more than 50 pottery and ceramic workshops. The oldest ceramics fair in Spain, ENBARRO, is also annually held here, along with international ceramics competitions. The winning pieces are exposed in the local Ceramics Museum, which also tells the history of the town’s pottery.

Our workshop is the only one in town which is officially recognized by the Andalusian Board of Employment, Business and Self-Employment as a Point of Artisanal Interest in Andalusia. When visiting our store, you can also see the artisanal process that all our pieces follow.

At Torres Ferreras, we believe in the value and future of craftsmanship and we teach it to each person, client or visitor who has the opportunity to come to our atelier. For this reason, we have a calendar of guided tours.

Next guided tour:
15th June 2024, 11 am.

For booking, you just have to send an e-mail to indicating ‘GUIDED TOUR’ and the date of your visit in the subject. Then, please specify the number of people who are coming in the message.

If you are a group of people or you need different date requirements, please write to us so that we can arrange it for you.