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Genuine Spanish Design in Ceramics. Specialists in tableware and restaurants

Welcome to our studio! We are a craft studio of creative ceramics in La Rambla, Cordoba, Spain. We have been more than 30 years working with ceramics because each one of us decided to put ceramics into our lives at some moment. If you are reading this, then thank you, as in some way, you are also puting ceramics into yours.


Torres Ferreras is a family pottery studio in La Rambla, Cordoba, Spain. This is known as the “Potters’ Village“.

Torres FerrerasOur ceramics is mainly designed functional tableware and every of our pieces is handmade in the potter’s wheel. We have introduced the high fired stoneware into the traditional ceramics from La Rambla. Our purpose is to unite the traditional and rustic pottery with the functional, smart and newly-designed ceramics. The fact that all our pieces are handmade on the potter’s wheel and decorated by hand, together with the different characteristics and effects of our homemade glazes make all of them different and unique, even if they belong to the same decorative line.

Furthermore, the designing process of our pots involve a continuous study of the trends, new possibilities, innovation both in ceramics and in interior design, tableware, cooking, fashion and art in general.

 Torres Ferreras’ stoneware is suitable and safe for oven, dishwasher and microwave and it can perfectly store products like salt, vinegar or oil without the leaking or rusting that these products usually provoke in traditional clay due to its composition. Besides, our pieces are lead free.

We also make limited editions or personalized orders, not only of tableware. Our main market nowadays is the exclusive and gourmet public, also restaurants and hotel companies who are looking for a distinguishing touch for their business. Abroad, most of our customers are in countries in the north of Europe as Sweeden, Belgium or England.

Torres FerrerasMiguel Ángel Torres Ferreras has been more than 30 years working full time as a potter in La Rambla. His first contact with pottery is in 1971, when he joins as an apprentice in a relative’s workshop, at the age of 11. However, at the end of 1972, he and his family have to emigrate to Catalonia, where he works and lives untill 1985. During that time, he comes back to La Rambla every summer holidays, and he took advantage of those periods to continue his learning on the potter’s wheel, his real passion.

When he definitely comes back to La Rambla in 1985, he devotes his whole time to learn the potter profession and he will soon change his situation from apprentice to skilled potter in different pottery factories in the village.

In 1990, he decides to start his own business with three more partners and eight years later, Miguel Angel starts his own company, this time alone, in which he works untill now with this genuine and innovative touch that his ceramics have always have.

Our pottery studio is included in the Craft Interest Zone of La Rambla, declared in this way by the Regional Andalusian Government. the same institution that has declared Miguel Angel Torres Ferreras as an official Master Artisan in the potter professsion. This means a recognition of every craftman who gathers a number of extraordinary merits in their career, in the maintenance of their profession and in the promotion of the handmade products. Besides that, our studio itself is declared as a Craft Interest Place.

Miguel Angel is a deep defender of the handmade ceramics on the potter’s wheel, as he considers it is the only way to produce genuine and unique pieces which have limitless possibilities. Despite his long experience, he claims he is always learning new things in his job. In his interest for maintain his profession, he sometimes organises courses to teach pottery techniques in his own factory. He believes in the value and future of the craftmanship and he knoww how to prove it to every person or customer who has the chance to visit our place.

Do you want to know more about us? Watch this video by Andalusian Stories:


A tour around our designed pieces in tableware, our exclusive works for restaurants and our different projects of design and personalization. Everything is handmade in La Rambla, Cordoba, Spain.


Soup plate handmade by master artisan Torres Ferreras Ceramics La Rambla Spain for Kate & Plate Belgium

Kate & Plate, selling Torres Ferreras ceramics in Belgium.

One of our customers abroad is Kate, from Kate & Plate, who is selling Torres Ferreras Ceramics in Belgium. Kate & Plate is a real and online shop where, appart from showing our handmade design ceramics from La Rambla, Cordoba, ...

My Spanish grandma’s tableware

Our "new" collection is in fact the oldest one. The revival of the most nostalgic ceramics with the latest "in" design; that is what our new collection of tableware "Grandma's" consists of. Do you want to know it? Keep reading ...

Design ceramics flatware made in Spain

One of our specialties is designing and making custom-made flatware. We usualy customize them by hand, according to the taste and request of our customer but following our own designs and decorative lines, or similar. We are usually open to ...


Pairi Daeza, a resturant among trees and Torres Ferreras

Pairi Daeza is the name of the restaurant inside the charming Hotel Balcón de Córdoba, located in the amazing quarter of "Juderia" in Cordoba, Spain, with an amazing view to the beautiful old quarter of the Caliphal city. The name ...

POWER! Bowl for ReComiendo Restaurant

This is a POWER bowl for ReComiendo Power, the Cordoban restaurant by the recognized Spanish chef Periko Ortega and his "perikadas" (his particular dishes). It is an exclusive design to serve his exquisite "mazamorra" (traditional Spanish dish). The aim of ...

No. 10 Flowerpot for dessert

Is there anything more typical from Cordoba than a flowerpot? This is what the restaurant Taberna Nº 10 might have thought when they designed their dessert in pot, and they counted on us to make it. Maybe you were thinking ...


Trofeo de cerámica por la igualdad de Campiña Sur hecho a mano La Rambla Cordoba Torres Ferreras

A ceramics sculpture as a trophy for Women’s Equality

In Torres Ferreras, we also join the women empowerment movement by designing a trophy for Women's Equality actions, awards which are given by the association of cities called Campiña Sur Cordobesa (South Countryside villages in Cordoba). This is a fair ...

Cheese plate for Spanish Cheese “Marqués del Valle”

Spanish Cheese Marqués del Valle is one of the best types of cheese in the northern region of Andalusia called Los Pedroches, which crafty making process goes back to traditional recipes from that rural area. And as we are craftmen ...

Pope Francis’ Holy Chalice by Torres Ferreras

Did you know that Pope Francis I had a ceramics holy chalice handmade in La Rambla, Cordoba, Spain? Now you know, and yes, we were the lucky ones who could make such an original order. It was the summer of ...

Ceramics sculpture for Andalusian Trade Awards

For the First Annual of Andalusian Trade Awards, the Regional Government of Andalusia wanted to count on several Andalusian craftmen for the design and manufacturing of different craft pieces which were used as trophies for the different prizes. We were ...

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Torres Ferreras
C/ La Maceta, 3A
14540 La Rambla
Córdoba, Spain

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